Prestressed Beams For Fast Floors

For High Quality Prestressed Beams For Fast Floors Think Isada

Isada Fast Floor uses a revolutionary prestressed concrete beam and block system to produce floor and decking concrete slabs which can be used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Having been proven around the world for more than 40 years, Isada brings this time and money saving construction technique to Ghana.

Isada Fast Floors Are Stronger! Isada Fast Floor uses prestressed concrete technology which utilizes steel cable tensioned to 150 bar in place of the conventional reinforcing rods used in the traditional construction of concrete slabs. This leads to a stronger product which can achieve longer floor spans and requires fewer structural beams and columns.

Isada Fast Floors Are Faster! Isada Fast Floors are also much faster and easier to erect than conventional construction methods. Isada Fast Floors save you time in the erection of form work and the mixing and pouring of concrete. Isada Fast Floors, because of the prestressed beam technology, also end the substantial delays in the construction process caused by waiting for concrete slabs to cure - saving you both time and money.

Isada Fast Floors Are Cheaper! Isada Fast Floors can reduce your construction costs by up to 40 percent. The construction materials needed for your project are significantly reduced, the time a project takes is reduced and your labour costs are reduced—yet you end up with an even stronger concrete slab!

Isada Fast Floors use the highest quality production techniques and materials. With a wealth of experience in our team of engineers and construction specialists, when you choose Isada Fast Floors, you are assured of a high quality product that is affordable and delivered to your specifications fast!

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