Double Roman Roofing Tiles

For High Quality And Affordable Double Roman Roofing Tiles Think Isada

Isada uses a high pressure extrusion process to produce the highest quality roofing tiles. Producing roofing tiles of all colours we have what you need to finish your project off perfectly!

To add to the durability of our tiles, after production, they are stored in curing chambers which helps the tiles to achieve maximum strenth.

Our method produces an incredibly strong product with sharp definition to help your project really stand out from the rest!

Technical Data

Raw Materials: Sand, Water, Cement and Pigment.

Tile Dimension: 42cm by 33cm which covers a width of 30cm. Tile Weight is 4.5kg. Weight per square metre is 40kg to 48kg. Number of tiles per square metre is 9.5 - 10.5.

Benefits: Isada Roofing Tiles are suitable for domestic buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, estate houses and more. The tiles come in all colours and are suitable for all types of roof (depending on the construction of the roof).

Maintenance: To keep your Isada Roofing Tiles looking as good as new, we recommend periodic washing or coating.

We recommend that customers advise their architects to design buildings to suit our roofing tile to ensure an affordable roof that looks great and will stand the test of time.

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