Prefabricated Concrete Railway Sleepers

For High Quality Prefabricated Concrete Railway Sleeper Think Isada

Isada is the first producer of prefabricated concrete railway sleepers in Ghana. We have applied our many years of experience and knowledge from working with pre-stressed concrete beams into producing the best quality pre-stressed concrete railway sleepers.

With our expert team of engineers, we have the requisite capacity and technique to produce all types of concrete railway sleepers to international standards for both the local Ghanaian market and also for export outside of Ghana.

Simply bring us your specifications and we will produce it to the highest standards.

Using our system, we manufacture railway sleepers for any type of axle, any rail type, any track gauge and for any type of rail fastening.

Due to our extensive experience in producing concrete products, we are able to provide track side station related concrete products for the building and construction industries that are, of course, always made to Isada's high standards.

The Advantages of Choosing Isada Branded Railway Sleepers

Quality Assured: Isada's advances in concrete railway sleeper technology have led us to produce the highest quality sleepers. That's one of the reasons why we are Ghana's leading supplier of railway sleepers!

Rigorous Testing Procedures: Each sleeper is carefully produced to it's design specification and we have rigorous testing procedures to ensure that product quality is always maintained. Isada produced railway sleepers will always conform to the relevant specifications, codes and contractual requirements.

Durability: Isada made concrete sleepers are extremely durable and, importantly for the Ghanaian environment, fire resistant.

Low Maintenance: The Isada Sleeper System lowers the annual maintenance costs when compared to timber sleepers due to their high durability and longevity.

Easy Installation: With Isada railway sleepers, standard timber handling equipment can be used during the installation. This makes it easy to replace a timber sleeper with a stronger, more reliable concrete sleeper.

Overall Performance: Using a concrete sleeper will improve the track surface, alignment and gauge holding performance. It also leads to a more stable track due to the additional weight of the sleeper itself.

We also supply pre-stressed bearer sets for standard or tangential turnouts. They are available for any gauge, radius and crossing angle. The gauge is held throughout the life of the product.

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